Research & Consulting

Lawcrosse offers consulting services in the areas of international economic law and EU law, independently or as an outsourced extension of the client’s team. Our expertise is in international regulation of trade in goods and services as well as EU’s internal market law and external trade relations.

We focus in particular on strategic advice for professional services companies and startups regarding their EU and global market access opportunities. We are available for market access studies and regulatory analyses also in other sectors by offering external legal support to inhouse teams.

In addition, we prepare research reports and impact analyses regarding the legal and professional services sectors, focusing on issues such as artificial intelligence, globalization, and sustainability.

Our focus areas

International Trade Law and EU Law

Globalization and Digitalization of the Legal and Professional Service Sectors

International Mobility, Healthcare, and Social Security Law

Legislative Impact Analyses

Sustainability Due Diligence

We are entering an era of a borderless digital society, and this brings unique challenges to traditional professions. They must find ways to stay relevant, compete with AI, and collaborate across different regions. Regulators also struggle to keep pace with rapidly changing business practices, and new rules can quickly become outdated. It’s a complex and intriguing time, highlighting the growing need for accurate advice. We are committed to helping our clients to navigate the path to their goals with dedication and reliable expertise.